Nova Scotia Women’s Mena & Meno Balance Formula 30 caplets

Caplets; 30 Day Supply

Our Women’s Mena & Meno Balance Formula includes a carefully balanced recipe of plant-sourced solutions for menstrual and menopausal support.  Offered here in easy to swallow caplets.

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Women’s Mena & Meno Balance Formula is a unique natural formula helps women in menstrual and menopause ages feel good.

Being a woman can be difficult. We hit puberty and our hormones blow up. We get hips, breasts and gain a new friend that will be with us for a while. When our period ends (about 51 years old) and we move past our ‘childbearing years’ you’d think that we could breathe a sigh of relief and go on our merry way. Now start the “change of life”, which means no more babies, no more periods, but holy heck…it’s like the second coming of puberty. Hot flashes, insomnia, uncomfortable dryness and mood swings. This is all due to the fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone in your body. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the common treatments suggested for menopause, but who wants to take hormones? Not me, I want to take something that will treat my symptoms naturally.

Fortunately, our Women’s Mena & Meno Balance Formula includes some of the most ancient plant-based solutions for menstrual and menopausal support in the world, as well as some more modern additions. Dong Quai extract, Shatavari, Eleuthero (also known as Siberian Ginseng), Red Clover flower, Black Cohosh, and Chaste Tree powder may just be what the naturopath ordered for you!

Just know this
These three herbs in combination are perfect for dealing with the unpleasantness of and help us with the transition to life after our periods. Try our Organic Women’s Balance Formula, the perfect blend that has something for everyone.

It’s your body. Run it well. TM

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