Thirsty naturals is a 100% natural ,plant-based & toxin-free face and body care products made specifically for the sensitive and oil-prone skin of teenagers. Thirsty Naturals uses the best available sources of sustainable, plant-based ingredients derived from natural sources, NO harmful chemicals, toxins, drying alcohol or hormone disrupters. Formulated for both guys and girls and truly experienced by true teenagers.

Thirsty Naturals

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Thirsty Naturals Deodorant for Teenagers avoids nasty toxins and aluminum, and naturally, deodorize smelly armpits with minerals and microbial extracts.
Thirsty Naturals Foaming Face Wash for Teenagers keeps skin nourished and prevents or reduces breakouts by removing excess oil and…
Thirsty Naturals All-Over Wash refreshes, deodorizes and moisturizes the complete body, face, and hair with this multitasking formula.
Thirsty Naturals Dry Shampoo for Teenagers revives greasy hair and reduces excess oil production with fast-absorbing minerals and natural astringents.
Thirsty Naturals Daily Moisturizer for Teenagers is a balancing moisturizer that absorbs oils and reduces the likelihood of breakouts with…
Thirsty Naturals Spot Treatment for teenagers treats spots with witch hazel and natural salicylic acid to unclog the pores and…

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