Greeniche is a leading Canadian manufacturer for natural vitamins & supplements (vegetarian, halal, kosher certified), health foods, skin & oral care products. Greeniche is one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada because of its growing presence in a multicultural community with diverse needs, preferences, and capabilities.


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Vitamins and minerals supplementation, customized for the women in the family; supporting their general well-being.    
A unique formulation for arthritis and joints health that does not contain shellfish.
Overcome the deficiency, with the certified Vitamin B12 from Greeniche.
An important supplementation for heart health, especially for those who are taking cholesterol-lowering medicines.
Nothing fishy! Omega 3 from Greeniche is plant sourced; a combination of plant-based oils, including algae, sunflower, flax seed… making…
Boosts energy levels and increases vitality, focus, clarity, and stamina boost the immune system. Packed with an abundance of all-natural…
Greeniche Moringa Leaf Extract is an Organic Certified, Natural Superfood; an Excellent Source of Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, and Complete Amino-Acids.
A multi-ingredient formulation, Greeniche Hair, Skin, & Nails Formula is packed with all the essential nutrients that support the health…

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